Other barriers to learning handwriting
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Other Barriers to Learning Handwriting

Spatial Awareness and Handwriting

Poor spatial awareness skills make handwriting difficult as it affects the ability to understand and produce the directional push and pulls required to form letters; as well as difficulties with spacing and positioning. Combined, these difficulties can cause poor presentation and possible legibility issues.

It is not just a child’s gross and fine motor skills that effects their handwriting.

Below you will find the other factors that can make handwriting difficult for children.

The impact on a child’s handwriting from each of these difficulties is very similar, but for very different reasons.

Eye Tracking and Handwriting

Poor eye tracking skills can make handwriting very difficult, causing letter formation, spacing and positioning problems, leading to poor presentation. Often words are missed out or repeated, causing composition and legibility issues.

Visual Memory and Handwriting

Poor visual memory skills make handwriting difficult as the ability to recall how letters look and reproduce them with appropriate spacing and positioning is partially or completely lost. This leads to poor letter formation skills, letter reversal along with spelling and presentation difficulties. Due to the nature of our visual memory and how we store that information difficulties in this area also impact on motor memory skills. Many activities and games that develop visual memory also support motor memory skills.

Motor Memory and Handwriting

Poor motor memory skills can make handwriting difficult as shapes and letter formation movements are often forgotten, causing letter reversals and incorrectly formed letter shapes, which can make joining a very slow process to learn. A poor and often slow handwriting style can develop as font styles are mixed and capital letters are used inappropriately. Combined, these difficulties can cause poor presentation, spelling and legibility issues. Often motor memory skills are affected by poor visual memory abilities and many activities and games that develop motor memory skills will also support visual memory development.

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