Teach Handwriting Resources

Children’s handwriting progression

Information on: how a child learns to handwrite; the popular fonts and letters taught in UK schools and the teaching requirements of the UK National Curriculums.

How to teach handwriting

Resources to teach handwriting including, pre-handwriting patterns, number and single letter formation, joining letters, sitting position, pencil grip, paper position and tilt, warm up exercises and teaching tips.

Handwriting difficulties

How to identify the causes of handwriting difficulties, suggestions to overcome them and how schools can provide additional support for a child.

Key Strengths needed for handwriting

Assessments with appropriate games and activities to develop the gross, fine and other skills areas needed for handwriting together with programs to support a child that needs a more structured approach.

More fun handwriting activities

Additional free handwriting resources & fun ideas to improve a child’s handwriting skills. Alphabet Friezes and simple fun activities to do in school or at home.