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Handwriting Teaching Manuals, Training Courses, Resources & Activities

Free Activities to Help Improve Handwriting

Activities that work the muscles needed for handwriting are a great way to help improve your child’s handwriting without them knowing! Here we provide suggestions for activities that are great handwriting “homework”.

Free Resources to Help Improve Handwriting

Handwriting practice worksheets and friezes to help your child remember how the letters are formed can be printed off in this section.

Fun activities to help improve handwriting Resources to help improve handwriting

Training Courses

Handwriting is now an important part of the National Curriculum as its benefits, following recent research, have again been recognised.

Our whole school training sessions explain to the teaching staff what needs to be taught to ensure children can handwrite well and how to identify issues that are holding children back. For more information click here.

Teach Handwriting Scheme Teaching Packs

Hopefully our website has provided you with useful information and resources to support you in teaching your children handwriting.

For schools and home educators, who need a detailed and structured approach to teaching children handwriting, there are three Handwriting Teaching Packs available covering Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. For more information click here

Training Courses for Schools Teach Handwriting Scheme

Tips & Information

There are lots of tips and additional information buttons scattered through our website and so to help you find them all we decided to list them here.  

Tips & Information