How to teach handwriting

Handwriting animations and worksheets

Free animations and accompanying worksheets to support children through the 3 stages of handwriting; pre-handwriting patterns, single letter formation and joins.

Pencil grip for handwriting

Videos to teach right and left-handed children how to hold a pencil in an efficient grip and step by step guides for educators.

Sitting position for handwriting

A guide to what is the best sitting position for both right and left-handed writers and simple tips on adjusting table and seat hieght to provide it.

Paper position for handwriting

Information, for right and left-handed writers, on how to correctly position, tilt and move the writing paper up the table .

Handwriting warm up activities

At the desk gross and fine motor skills activities to get the body ready for handwriting and to relax it during extended handwriting tasks.

Handwriting teacher tips

Extra tips to help support the teaching of handwriting.